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    huamin import and export co., ltd. deals with the foreign trade business actively, at the same time, it combines its advantages and characteristics and positively explores the real estate industry. as the corporate champion of fujian foreign trade industry, owning many clients at home and abroad and extensive social resources, the company think it should open up the development way fitting for the company’s features, referring to real estate development road based on business real estate and travel real estate, to enlarge company’s scale and win more benefits.


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    in 2005, after careful considerations, in the sluggish period of market, the company purchased partial property(14 floors, 26000 square meters) of world jinlong building located in wusi road of fuzhou which has great commercial value. in the period of restructuring zhongfu industries company, the partial property was injected into listed company as qualified asset and got good investment income. and zhongfu industries company also acquired the assets with good benefits.


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    in april of 2007, huamin import and export co., ltd. got 10000 square meters land of shishi clothing center in listing form. after careful market survey and analysis, the company decided to develop it into a senior property project with the unity of business, office buildings and residence, with the total development area of 56000 square meters. because of that, the company incorporated fujian shishi huamin real estate co., ltd. in the same year to take charge of the project development. after planning and all kinds of approvals, the project began to construct in oct. 2009 and got pre-sale permit and began to pre-sale in aug. 2010. as the company controlled the pre-sale time and price accurately, the project’s office buildings and residential houses were totally sold out(the commercial part would begin after distribution), laying a good foundation for the success of the project development. it is predicted that the project would cap at the end of 2010 and finish the whole development work in 2011.


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    at the same time, the company positively develops project reserve work of real estate business and negotiates with relevant departments. the main plans are developing hot spring tourism property project jointly gui an village, lianjiang county near to fuzhou city; developing yacht tourist project in fuzhou (pingtan) integrated experimental area; developing yin qi vacation club in wuyishan resort; developing foreign trade business center in jinjiang city and so on.


    looking ahead, the real estate business of huamin company will become stronger and stronger with the development of national economy and company, becoming a significant part of the company’s business.