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    fujian huamin medical instrument co., ltd. and fujian minwei medical equipments co., ltd were formed into a new fujian huamin medical instrument co., ltd in jan. 2008, directly attached to fujian huamin enterprise group, which is one of the national top 100 enterprises and state-owned listed company. the group has more than 1.5 billion yuan of total assets, 2000 employees and 12 branch companies at home and abroad and 2 wholly-owned subsidiaries overseas, with an annual turnover of  more than 10 billion yuan. fujian huamin medical instrument co., ltd. professional does the wholesale and retail businesses of medical instruments and have marketing department, sales department, export department, import department, financial department, maintenance department, consumable department, and offices. the company sets offices in jiangxi, hunan, hubei and guangxi. now the company has 87 employees and 83% of them have received higher education and 5 of them have post-graduate degrees. since the foundation of the company 15 years ago, especially in recent years, under the correct leadership of authorities in charge, meeting the requirements of economic development, the company’s business has made great progress. the annual sales volume increased from 30 million yuan to 0.2 billion yuan and the contract sales has reached 0.296 billion yuan. now the company’s total assets have reached 42 million yuan and the net assets have been multiplied several times. the national assets value was added greatly. the company was rated as the advanced unit of national health enterprise by ministry of health.


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    no matter in customer resources or honesty, the company has overwhelming advantages within province. since 2000, the company has converted its business direction to the famous brands at home and abroad. the company has acquired distributorships of image series products, radiotherapy products of cancer, nuclear medicine products and color doppler imaging serial products of germany siemens (china) co., ltd. in fujian, jiangxi, hunan and hubei. the company has also acquired the distributorships of 8 famous brands such as japan fuji corporation cr, laser camera and film serial products; the endoscope serial products and surgery serial products of japan olympus corporation; ophthalmology serial products of america biotrue; ultrasonic focusing tumor ablation machine serial products of shanghai aishen technology development co., ltd. especially the sales of simens products , the company has achieved the no.1 sales volume among the chinese agents of germany simens co., ltd. for five years.


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    the company has always been sticking to the management principle of “law paramount, customer first, integrity extreme, quality excellent  service perfect”, implements it to the whole management course, and makes meeting customers’ requirements for high quality and high performance as its own duty. the company also adheres to the service concept of “integrity, enthusiasm, efficiency, innovation” and combines advanced management with company’s reality to build a scientific and strict quality review system, control the product quality strictly and implement honest marketing comprehensively. the company also builds a whole complete after-sales service management system and owns 8 skilled engineers that have received the strict training from the factory to ensure giving timely response to customers’ equipment failures.  

    since its foundation 15 years ago, the company has always been operating legally and paying taxes actively, so it was rated as class a enterprise by fujian administration bureau for industry and commerce and fujian branch directly under the state administration of taxation for 13 years from 1994 to 2007; the company was rated as aaa credit enterprise by fujian enterprise credit rating center in aug.2005 and in june of the same year, and got the iso 9001 certificate by international authorized certification body britain qa, becoming the first enterprise to pass the authentication of international quality management system within industry in fujian.


    facing the opportunities and challenges that the market has brought, the company will continue to carry forward the spirits of “do together and create together, be of one heart and one mind, share happiness and woe, blossom and flourish together”, and work hard to make more contribution to the health career of fujian province and even the whole country with first-class service and products.