company profile

company profile

as one of the top 100 export enterprises, fujian huamin import and export co., ltd, which had been a large comprehensive state-owned foreign trade enterprise of fujian province, was established in june1986 and reformed from state-owned enterprise to limited company on may 29, 2003.

anyone who is familiar with huamin knows that trade is the main business of huamin company. the main imported and exportedproducts are vessels, automobile accessories, shoes, bags, clothes, woodwork, handicrafts, seeds of crops and so on. to expand and strengthen business of import and export, huamin fully plays its own advantages to continuously amplify kinds 

and scope of the trade, setting a good commercial image and reputation in foreign trade industry. the company has customers all over the world. the company is not only the agent of the medical devices of siemens, japan fuji, japan olympus and other world famous brands in fujian province, but also one of the global shoes suppliers of american wal-mart. at the same time, the company exported tens of millions of vessels to south-east asian countries.

in 2004, huamin company passed iso9001-2000 quality system certification, which is one of the first foreign trade companies that passed this certification in fujian province. after reforming, huamin company’s trade volume of import and export ranked the first among the foreign-trade circulating enterprises of fujian province and no.17 among the top 100 enterprises of fujian province. from 2004 to 2009, huamin company’s trade volume of import and export has always been kept between 0.5 to 0.7 billion u.s. dollars, becoming the corporate champion of foreign trade and model within industry in fujian province.