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    adhering to the management concept of diversified development, fujian huamin import and export co., ltd. entered the mineral resources field in 2007, established its wholly-owned subsidiary- sichuan huamin minerals co., ltd.(“huamin mining”), moving forward its first step to develop the mineral resources of southwestern region. huamin mining and geochemical exploration team of sichuan bureau of geology and mineral worked together to explore and exploit the lead zinc ore located in sanmo, batang town of sichuan province. this project exploration area is located in sanjiang ore-forming zone. after preliminary exploration, it has been found that there are three high "abnormal areas" of lead and zinc. and a large amount of surface gossan was found. all of these meet the requirements for further geological investigation and now the exploration work is developed orderly. the mineral future is bright.




    in the same year, jinchuan o.i.n. import and export co., ltd. owned by huamin mining, got the exploration right of multimetalic ore containing lithium with 26.28 square kilometers and 20 square kilometers respectively in ye long gou and sun river, jinchan county, aba prefecture, sichuan province. after three years’ exploration, the company had completed the census of mine area and detailed investigation of partial minerals, which achieved pleasing results. many good lodes were discovered and controlled in ye long gou exploration area, which has reached a medium-sized mining area scale and is predicted to become a large mining area forward; more than ten lodes were initially delineated in sun river exploration area and further exploration work would be done. with the development of new energy construction and the continuous application of new energy technology, lithium is treated as an energy metal of the 21st century, whose strategic position has been highly valued and whose economic value becomes increasingly apparent; we not only need to develop down-stream products of lithium resources well, but also enter high-end industry such as lithium battery, making the mineral resources industry chain more powerful.