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    fujian south pharmaceutical co., ltd is located in mingxi county of fujian province, which is the only one that got the title “the land of yew in china” nationwide. this place has a beautiful scenery, pleasant climate and fertile soil, which is very fit for the growth of southern yew. as the central production area of southern yew, this place offers exceptional natural conditions for developing the southern yew industry.


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    the company was established in sep. 2001 and was reformed into stock limited company in april 2004. the company has a registered capital of 75,500,000 yuan, and current assets of 0.18 billion yuan, and 270 staff, with its annual production value of 0.2 billion yuan. mainly engaged in marketing antitumor active pharmaceutical ingredients, such as taxol, the company is a hi-tech enterprise and gmp pharmaceuticals firm that integrates research, production and sales in the pharmaceutical industry. the company has received several honorary titles, such as the winning prize of key projects construction of fujian province, corporate champion of agriculture industrialization of fujian province, innovative enterprise of fujian province and so on.


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    the company has built an industry chain involving artificial breeding of southern yew, foliage processing and production of taxol’s active pharmaceutical ingredient, which is the biggest fast growing and high-yield planting base of southern yew for medical use in a short cycle at home and the production and processing base of taxol and other taxanes. these bases can produce 200 kilograms of active pharmaceutical ingredients and 1000 kilograms of taxanes annually, which was called the successful model of protecting and exploiting endangered plants by state bureau of forestry. the company’s products covered 4 categories and more than 50 kinds, such as taxol, semi-synthetic taxol, docetaxel, 10-dabⅲ, xylose taxol, cephalomannine, gemcitabine, fludarabine, irinotecan, imatinib, erlotinib, bortezomib, dorzolamide and so on.


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    the company pays great attention to scientific development and sustainable development and establishes 3 scientific institutes: institute of natural medicine, post-doctoral research station of the ministry of personnel, and shanghai new products research and development center. the company owns 75 professional technicians, including five technicians with senior professional title, two returned doctors and two of them and two masters. the company has undertaken 12 scientific and technological projects of state level or provincial level and taken part in formulating related national standards. the company won 25 domestic technology patents, 6 international patents. and its research and development results got 5 national and provincial progress awards. 


    based on the resource advantage of yew, the company will expand and strengthen the yew planting base; quicken the construction of new gmp workshop and production line, laying good hardware base for the enterprise’s further development; strengthen enterprise’s inner management and try to improve the management level; optimize product structure continuously and increase enterprise’s management efficiency; continue to increase the investment in technology, research on new products and talent training and improve enterprise’s core competence unceasingly. southern pharmaceutical works hard to become the first-class, influential nationwide and world famous antitumor pharmaceutical company of fujian province within 10 years.