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    fujian zhongfu industries co., ltd. (zhongfu industry) was established in 1993 after the approval of and by fujian committee for economic system reform. the company was listed in shenzhen exchange in mar. 1996 and the securities code is 000592.


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    after recapitalization in 2008, the new big shareholder shantian forestry development(fujian)co., ltd. injected its good forestry assets. zhongfu industries resumed listing on april 14, 2008. after that, the company’s main business became reforestation and the processing and sales of forest products.


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    the registered capital of zhongfu industries is 579,051,565 rmb and the registered address is floor 23, no. 159 world jinlong mansion, wusi road, fuzhou. at present, zhongfu industry has 10 holding companies: fujian jian’ou fu ren forestry co, ltd., fujian jian’ou fu ren wood co., ltd., fujian lvmin forestry development co., ltd., fujian zhongfu seed industry co., ltd., mingxi hengfeng forestry co., ltd., longyan shantian forestry co., ltd., longyan zhongfu wood co., ltd., zhangzhou zhongfu wood co., ltd., jian’ou zhongfu wood co., ltd. and fujian zhongfu pawnbroking co., ltd.


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    zhongfu industries owns more than 670 square kilometers of forestry area in jian’ou, mingxi and other places of fujian; its controlling stake fujian jian’ou fu ren wood co., ltd owns a medium-density fiber board production line with the annual output of 100000 square meters and a medium-density (sheet) production line with the annual output of 50000 square meters; longyan zhongfu wood co., ltd owns a medium-density fiber board production line with the annual output of 100000 square meters; zhangzhou zhongfu wood co., ltd, which is under construction, can produce 180000 square meters of medium-density fiber board annually.


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    from the strategic point of the company’s development, zhongfu industries will depend on the superior natural conditions in local area to develop fast growing and high-yield forests and industrial raw material forests; make developing forest land and enlarging company’s forest resources the core of company’s development and increase the market share of company’s products step by step; based on market, oriented by products, put the development strategy of the integration of forest and board into practice, making the company move forward to the goal of becoming the corporate champion of modern forestry. in the aspect of regional development plan, the company sets foot in fujian, uses regional resource advantages and makes it stronger. and on the basis of this, the company will extend its main business at home and abroad.


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    zhongfu industries will cultivate and train its staff in the spirit of “ten years to grow trees and hundred years to nurture talent”. zhongfu industries calls on the joint development of individuals and enterprise to attract talents with effective mechanism, condense talents with enterprise culture, cultivate talents with scientific methods and train talents with career development. we welcome all the talents to join zhongfu and create our glorious future together!